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Direct Cremation

As times and traditions change, so do the desires and requests made when dealing with end of life arrangements.

In times past, families commonly chose to have large, traditional funeral services in a religious setting, followed by a burial. Now, more and more people are requesting to be cremated, and an increasing number of families are choosing to have celebrations of life rather than mourning a loved one’s loss.

Cremation Services

We offer an alternative to a traditional funeral or memorial service as we recognize not everyone desires or can afford these types of arrangements.

Regardless of how you plan to honour your loved one, our funeral director and professional staff are here to assist and guide you each step of the way. We know how difficult times like these are and how overwhelming these types of decisions can be while you are in mourning.

When a person chooses to be cremated, they often have a specific request regarding what they would like to happen with their ashes. Perhaps your loved one wants their remains to be kept in an urn in their own home. Maybe they have a location or two where they’d like their ashes to be buried or scattered. Perhaps they wish to be cremated but still desire a more traditional burial with their cremated remains in an urn.

We will help accommodate you in whatever way we can to respect your loved one’s wishes and to help bring you peace of mind during a difficult time.

Direct Cremation Information (No Funeral Service or Memorial Service)

We have our own crematory and crematorium. Our licensed funeral home offers simple direct cremation services, the cost of which will be dependent on the cremation casket and urn that are chosen.

Please note that a percentage of our professional service charge, which is included, is required to cover a proportionate share of our established costs. This includes things such as licenses, insurance, indirect taxes (does not include GST or PST), maintenance of facilities and equipment, utilities, and other costs related to being in business to serve the public.

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Our Professional Services Include:

  • Contacting the appropriate person at the hospital, nursing home, health care facility or other appropriate persons to ensure the Deceased is released, that their Medical Certificate of Death is signed by the physician, and that they may be transferred into our care. Please note that Manitoba Law requires a physician to sign the Medical Certificate of Death within 48 hours of death and that we will not be responsible for any delays in services or disposition where a physician has failed to discharge his/her final duty to the patient and their family.
  • Transfer from place of death is included except when a death occurs in a personal care home, residence, or when a hospital requires us to transfer on an emergency basis. Please note that mileage is applicable outside the City of Winnipeg limits.
  • Funeral arrangements in Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel or the comfort and convenience of your family’s residence.
  • Assisting family members with preparing an obituary.

Our Clerical and Administrative Services Include:

  • Registration of Death with the Department of Vital Statistics. This includes preparation of all legal documentation (Burial Permit & Registration of Death) and a Death Certificate Application form if your family so desires.
  • Three Funeral Director Statements of Death (proof of death from Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel & Crematorium Incorporated).
  • Completion of Cremation Authorization forms.
  • Arranging a time and date for the cremation process with our crematorium.
  • Arranging final disposition of cremated remains with the family.
  • Ensuring proper identification of your loved one, including checking for any valuables family may want to be returned. Please note that if the Deceased has a heart pacemaker, it MUST be surgically removed before placing the Deceased in their cremation container.
  • Placing your loved one in their cremation container.
  • Placing cremated remains of the Deceased into an urn of your family’s choice.

Additional Information From the Funeral Director

Please note that some terms are subject to change without notice.

For complete costs, please contact our funeral director at our Winnipeg Cremation Funeral Chapel.W


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Direct Cremation

Please Don't Hesitate to Contact Us To Begin The Process.

We'll Take Care of Everything Respectfully and Promptly

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