Service of Remembrance

remembrance services

Costs are dependent on the cremation container and urn in which your Family selects.

A percentage of our Professional Service Charge, which is included, is required to cover a proportionate share of our established costs such as licenses, insurance, and indirect taxes (does not include GST or PST), maintenance of facilities and equipment, utilities, and other costs related to being in business to Serve the Public.

Our specialized expertise includes:

Contacting hospital, nursing home, health care facility, or other appropriate persons to ensure that your loved one is released; their Medical Certificate of Death is signed by the physician and may be removed by Our Staff.

Manitoba Law requires physicians to sign the Medical Certificate of Death within 48 hours of Death.

We will not be responsible for any delays in services or disposition where a physician has failed to discharge his/her final duty to the patient and their family.

Transfer from place of death is included except when a death occurs in a personal care home, residence, or when a Hospital requires us to transfer on an emergency basis. Mileage is applicable outside the City of Winnipeg limits.

Funeral arrangements in Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel or the comfort and convenience of Your Family’s residence.

Assisting Family members with preparing an obituary.

Registration of Death with the Department of Vital Statistics includes preparing all documents (Burial Permit & Registration of Death)and a Death Certificate Application form if your family so desires.

Includes Three Funeral Director Statements of Death (proof of Death from Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel & Crematorium Incorporated).

Coordinating details with clergy, church, organist, soloist, florist, cemetery, and or other parties responsible for the arrangements made.

Completion of Cremation Authorization forms.

Arranging a time & date for the cremation process with Wojcik’s Privately Owned Crematory.

Arranging final disposition of cremated remains with Family.

Ordering cremation container of Family’s Choice.

Ensuring proper identification of your loved one, including checking for any valuables Family may want to be returned or a heart pacemaker, which MUST be surgically removed before placing your loved one in their cremation container.

Placing your loved one in their cremation container. Placing Cremated Remains into an urn of your Family’s choice.

Conducting your loved one’s Funeral Service in one of Wojcik’s Funeral Chapels or your Family’s Church.

If required, Funeral Hearse to Cemetery within City of Winnipeg Limits. Supplying a memorial register and thank you cards.

Supplying of memorial folders.

** Subject to change without notice **For complete costs, please contact our Funeral Chapel.

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Please Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us To Begin The Process.

We’ll Take Care of Everything Respectfully and Promptly

***If a death has occurred, please call us.”

What is a Remembrance Service?

Services of remembrance are special ceremonial gatherings designed to honor and remember the life of a deceased individual. A remembrance typically involves various elements such as readings, eulogies, music, and personalized rituals that reflect the unique personality and memories of the departed. Central to the purpose of the remembrance is the provision of a supportive space for mourners to express grief, share cherished memories, and find communal solace during the remembrance. Whether religious or secular, remembrances are often customized to align with the specific preferences or cultural traditions of the deceased and their family, focusing on celebrating the individual’s life and aiding loved ones in their healing process during this time of remembrance. The act of remembrance in these services provides a meaningful way to pay tribute to the departed, allowing for reflection and commemoration. The remembrance held within these services plays a crucial role in the mourning journey, offering a chance for closure and acknowledgment of the loss.

Please Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us To Begin The Process.

We’ll Take Care of Everything Respectfully and Promptly

***If a death has occurred, please call us.”