Donald John Lee-Paget

April 29, 1935 - January 28, 2020

Burial Date January 31, 2020

Funeral Home Wojcik's Funeral Chapel

Donald’s Funeral Service will be held on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. in Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel, 2157 Portage Avenue @ Sharp Boulevard. Interment will follow in Brookside Cemetery, 3001 Notre Dame Avenue.


Bravely and peacefully in the early evening on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, with family at his side, Dad left us, ending a long battle with declining health.

He leaves to mourn his loving and devoted wife of almost 62 years, Rose. He also leaves his children: his oldest daughter Victoria, Michael, Catherine (Stephen), and Shaun (Amanda), beloved grandchildren: Chris, John (Claudia), Tim (Glenda), Nicole (Chris), Julia (Colin), Ben, Jaime, Jennifer (Jakub), Dirk and Alyssa. He is also survived by his brother Gordon (Nancy).

Courage and sacrifice are the words that characterize Dad. He fought to overcome countless challenges in life with his strong character, big personality and sometimes even with his own fists. Born in Winnipeg to Nora, an equally courageous woman, he was greatly loved by his aunts Louise, Ann and Sigrid and especially by his loving and generous uncle Tarsten (Bill). Although he spent some holidays up north in Grahamdale and Moosehorn with relatives, he grew up at the foot of the Salter Street bridge and often expressed his life would have been very different for a few dollars more to pay rent. He also suffered from instances of discrimination and did not enjoy school, leaving after grade seven. For all school`s negative experiences for Dad, he did learn to read and write, and this became one of his greatest joys and also became a tool of power for him. Leaving a violent home at 15 he joined the army and moved to Calgary where he would meet his wife and all of his children would be born. He was a lance corporal and travelled to Korea as a peacekeeper. Due to his musical talent he was in the marching band. The family eventually returned to Winnipeg when Dad left the forces and began a long career at the post office where he occupied several blue-collar positions. He was awarded for providing the most successful suggestions for improvement in the public service and many of his ideas were implemented into practice. He joined the Free Masons and the local Legion.

Dad retired following his first bout with cancer and proceeded to enjoy over 30 years of retirement with Rose. Together, they spent many wonderful years enjoying interests and hobbies and their special places in the Interlake at Eriksdale and later at Lundar, along with their dear pet Dandy. Over the years, memories were made finding wildflowers, collecting rocks, climbing haystacks, watching sunsets and the northern lights with mosquitos buzzing. Dad enjoyed tinkering with vintage vehicles and target shooting. He taught one of his sons to hunt. He loved to watch the fish jump from a little balcony he built on the cottage. Dad enjoyed antique sales and collected various items. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge as he read extensively, especially about history and all things military. He was very musical and loved to sing, listen to big band music, and he also played the snare drum. He whistled beautifully. He loved vintage movies, especially musicals, spy novels and gardening, planting countless fruit bushes and trees. A man of extremes, he had a fierce temper at times, but also a great sense of humour and was a very generous and compassionate person.

Dad`s health gradually declined following a second bout with cancer. Although he was able to beat it a second time, other health challenges began to accumulate. He suffered anaphylactic shocks on numerous occasions but was always successfully revived. He seemed indestructible. He was determined to escape the hospital again when he was admitted this last time, but with grace and courage he accepted the news that he would not be well enough to go home. To the last, he kept positive thoughts and gave us the model of courage, strength and grace, given all that he had experienced.

Donald’s Funeral Service will be held on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. in Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel, 2157 Portage Avenue @ Sharp Boulevard. Interment will follow in Brookside Cemetery, 3001 Notre Dame Avenue.


You were a scrapper. You needed to be. You earned your wings.

Rest in peace.

You will not be forgotten.