About Us

Winnipeg Funeral Director & Embalmer, Richard Wojcik who was born and raised in Beausejour, Manitoba began his career in Funeral Service at the age of 12 – washing cars, cutting grass and answering phones. After graduation he undertook a two-year Apprenticeship from the Western School of Mortuary Practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the University of Manitoba. He then spent the next 11 years employed in various Funeral Chapels honing his skills. While in Beausejour, Wojcik was a Firefighter with the Beausejour Brokenhead Fire Department and also a member of the Beausejour Ambulance Service.

Beginning his career at Russell’s Funeral Home and Sobering Funeral Chapel in Beausejour, Wojcik’s Winnipeg experience has included both international corporations and privately owned funeral homes – all prior to opening his own business.

Throughout Wojcik’s 34 years of dedication to his profession, he had been employed at a number of this Province’s well-known funeral establishments including Chapel Lawn Funeral Home, Korban Funeral Chapel, Green Acres Funeral Home & Cemetery, Cropo Funeral Chapel and Leatherdale Gardiner Funeral Chapels.

October 13, 1998 – Opened first Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel at 2157 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba

August 16, 2003 – Opened privately owned Crematorium in Headingley, Manitoba

April 1, 2008 – Opened second Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel at 1020 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

April 24, 2015 – Re – Opened Wojcik’s Crematorium in Headingley, Manitoba

We offer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Richard Wojcik says. “We provide a service for All Faiths and any Beliefs, at any place of worship and cemetery in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba.”

“Wojcik’s encourages people to compare prices and services so they can make an informed decision. They usually find that the smaller, privately owned funeral chapels offer a more personal service at a better price. There is no cost or obligation associated with a consultation.”

People should also be aware that they are not obliged to use the funeral chapel located in the cemetery they are using. They are free to choose the company they feel most comfortable with. Even prearranged funeral plans can be cancelled or transferred to the funeral chapel of their choice.

Wojcik’s Licensed Funeral Directors are professional, honest and sincere. They are all paid by salary as opposed to commissioned sales people who are under pressure to make sales.

This kind of compassionate service is important when you think about all the decisions that have to be considered including arranging for a clergy, soloist, floral arrangements, catering, locations and the details of the service. All this at a time when families are very emotional and are faced with making all the arrangements within just a few days. “One call can take care of all the arrangements,” says Wojcik. “Most people are not in a good frame of mind to be making so many difficult decisions. Our goal is to help them through the process and make it as easy as possible.” Richard Wojcik suggests it can be helpful to bring someone along who is not as emotionally attached to the situation. Someone who can offer their support and guidance.

If you can, it is definitely a good idea to make your funeral arrangements ahead of time. It means you will get the kind of service you want and makes it much easier for your family because they don’t have to struggle with the details at such a difficult time.